💸 Will Revenue-Based Financing Steal VC’s Thunder? 🤔
Investors and founders, here are the most surprising developments in RBF.

TechCrunch identified 32 US-based RBF firms with 57 funds investing $4.31B in
capital — peanuts compared to VC firms.

BUT the RBF market is experiencing considerable growth, even more so now that VC
funding has decreased due to COVID-19. (Allied Market Research)

RBF has silently expanded beyond its home turf (B2B SaaS) to include industries
such as F&B, consumer products, fashion, and healthcare.

And it’s offering a noteworthy alternative to VCs since:
✅ Entrepreneurs stay in control of their firm (no equity involved)
✅ Investors don’t have to wait for an exit (instead they receive monthly
repayments, based on a company’s revenue)
✅ Money moves faster (no valuation required, faster DD, etc.)

With RBF providing an interesting addition (or even alternative) to VC funding —
will we see more companies opt for revenue-based financing? 🧐 💬

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