Did you notice? Hashtags on Facebook got a new dedicated pages. So, Now will using hashtags on Facebook improve organic reach?

A little background:

Facebook introduced hashtags in 2013. Businesses had a lot of hope then but very soon faded away since it didn’t add any expected value.

Facebook also never spoke about it again nor spoke anything about hashtags from then, reasons only known to Facebook.

My personal opinion:

Facebook might have thought to improve its functionality with graph search. Since, graph search functionality was pulled back and Facebook focused more on keyword search, hashtags were never its priority. Till now!!

Latest Finding:

Facebook did not yet do any official announcement related to it, but a few people got a notification from Facebook recommending to use hashtags for better visibility.

So, we can assume, Facebook is testing out this feature.

Here are a few pointers from my observation on how we can use:

Don't jump to conclusions without experimenting what works for you.

Measure the reach

Remember Facebook is not Instagram. Understand your audience behavior on Facebook.

Posts on the hashtag page are not chronological & are customized to each user.

That means, It is managed by an algorithm.

Post on the hashtag page are from profiles, pages & groups.

Every hashtag is a clickable link and has a dedicated page.

You can also search for a hashtag on Facebook.

Content you see on that page are customized to you.

Trying to understand what is happening, I strongly feel so. But, no evidence yet. Need to experiment and analyse.

As usual Facebook is came with its USP - customizing the hashtag feed to each user. That means, algorithm is playing the role.

What do you think about Hashtags on Facebook? Will Facebook be able to make a difference in organic reach and counter the worry of reduced organic reach?