I remember vividly when I wanted to start my first business. I went to a bank
and they dropped a pile of printed pages full of instructions, boxes.

And it was all in small font.

In 5 minutes I was out the door, with my dreams crushed. This was 14 years ago.

After a few more years, I reached out to a mentor to talk again about my
business idea.

This time, he put in front of me just a single sheet of paper.

"Is this it?" I said...

"Yes." He replied... "It’s all you need to start."

Fluffy business plans were suitable in the corporate-only days. Founders used to
spend 6 months doing a business plan, and one year to release their first
product version.

No wonder very few companies were able to start a software product business.

Fast forward to our times when “there’s an app for that” and software products
multiplied exponentially. It became so much more affordable to start.

The market doesn’t have time to wait for 6 months for you to write dozens of
pages of business planning...

So what if you could do it in 10-20 minutes, and just on a single piece of

Why? Because today, you probably can’t spend more than a few seconds reading the
intro of an article and you probably listen to videos at double speed.

And if you have to sit down for weeks to write your business plan, you’ll...
give up or die.

So take 10-20 minute and answer these 9 questions:

Who is your target customer?

What are 3 problems they have trying to reach their desire?

What are 3 solutions you have for their problems?

What’s unique about your offer making it worth buying?

What’s your advantage that can't be easily copied or bought?

What results will you measure to track your success?

How and where will you reach your target customers?

What costs will be involved in growing your product business?

How will you make money?

This one-pager, widely known as “Lean Canvas”, is a summary of your business
areas that you continuously come back to and update.

If you're serious about starting a software business, just take 20 minutes and
draft this right now!

Instead of putting weights on your feet with a fluffy plan, attach some wings to
your idea and get some momentum with a one-pager.

I created an example for you guys, in the image attached, based on an old idea
of mine.

Do you have a software product idea? Drop in the comments some answers to any of
these questions...

Problems, solutions, value proposition, etc

Go change lives!

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