Why is Gaming > Audiovisual Media?

Each time you consume an audiovisual piece of content, it becomes obsolete
(Except The Office?).

For gaming, dynamism is in-built, for MOBA and MMORPG, UGC pushes the freshness
of the content even further. Each gaming experience is unique, and

As the number of players go up, law of large numbers dictates that each player
will be matched with other independents. Contrast that with producing a
movie/television show. Every firm has to engage actors, scriptwriters, get
permissions etc.

YouTube and thereafter TikTok have partially solved the problem by reducing
entry barrier, however content creators still run out of ideas. Despite large
inflow of creators, concepts cannot be replicated. Think of the last content
creator you loved whose work you now just watch passably.

India is slated to witness a ~40% growth in the gaming space, with the space
crossing $1B market size, which is less than 1% of the $160B global gaming
market. China's market for comparison stands at ~$40B. The Indian media
industry, the larger pie stands at ~$25B.

Gaming will garner a growing percentage of the supercharged media and
entertainment industry in India.

Its time to buy your consoles, put on your headphones and game on!

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Originally posted by Akul Jindal on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/akuljindal