Why not any other.

Also, being an Electronics Engineer why didn't you tried any job in that field?

These are the questions I face regularly from friends, relatives, and even clients.

I remember doing an internship in the 3rd year of my college.

And the role was SEO Intern.

I didn't know what was SEO or online marketing back then.

I only knew they were paying ₹5,000 and it was good enough to cover my expenses.

And still, I got hired among 20 candidates.

But as I was doing the internship, I realized the power of the Internet.

And how the world has evolved.

We can now just run a company from anywhere in the world without having any in house team and just marketing our services with a laptop.

I was fascinated by it and fell in love with the Online world.

And this was the reason I continue doing it and started my business around it.

What was your reason to do business or job which you are currently doing?