Why Growth Hacking or replaying famous case studies will not work for you🎩🐇

First of all the idea of growth hacking comes from the intent to misuse a
platform and I strongly oppose it.

Generally, if a case study sounds too good to be true than truth then most
certainly it’s not true.

Here is why:

😵Most of the hacks got lucky (right opportunity combined with the right timing,
which will never exist anymore)

💹Extremely rare market conditions and lack of competition (or competition being

🚦In SEO, I see very often “some extremely successful case studies” where the
incoming traffic is either not qualified (very generic keywords) or there is no
strong competition.

🚀In Sales/Marketing, I see people often claiming they got “thousands of leads”
or “qualified calls from target persona”, what is a lead for you I would ask?
In case “ a lead” is an ebook download try to ask your Sales how easy it’s gonna
be to close one.

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It is boring, some will say but it is necessary.

In B2B marketing there are no details that do not matter.

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Posted by Stefan Repin on LinkedIn
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