Why aren't Spotify & YouTube launching bookmarked notes as a feature in their

I spend an awful amount of time on each of these platforms listening to thought
leaders share their thoughts.

And the problem is both of them feel too general purpose, there's little
distinction b/w a podcast & song on Spotify.

Similarly, the content on YouTube is the same regardless of its length & type.

What if they offered a bookmarked notes feature, like Audible, Inc. & take it a
step further?

You could not only bookmark & add notes but also do that in an assisted manner.

YouTube should have it easy, you already have Google Docs/Keep for notes &
auto-complete mode for emails/Docs.

You could also use it to show cumulative stats & highlighted sections of all
listeners like Kindle.

All you need is to take this & apply in a different context. If there's not much
incentive to do it for free users, you have the 30M paid subs.

And while Spotify might lack the tech, with advances like GPT-3, it'd replicate
a similar experience for their 144M subs too.

Being a generic platform at scale with a subscription product for an ad-free
experience is difficult to sustain in the long-term.

What do you think? Worth an A/B test?

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Posted by Pratyush Choudhury on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/tellmepc