Why are MBAs paid heavily?

If you have ever thought about this, then read further:

Engineers might deal with a machine.
Doctors might deal with body parts and the science behind it.
Lawyers might deal with Contracts.

But Managers deal with human beings and that too many of them.

And human beings are zillion times more complex than a machine, body parts or
even complicated contracts.

I donโ€™t deny the importance of the work done by Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, but
the point I want to make here is that people often ignore things like ideation,
vision, managing people and resources, budget planning etc.

Writing a code is one thing.

Pitching that code at the right place and the right time is another thing.

In order to complete the project within the required budget and with the exact
amount of proficiency, knowing how many man hours would be required along with
the necessary softwares, and to bring all these things together under one
umbrella at one period of time is another.

I feel this indeed requires comparatively a higher pay.


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Originally posted by Divas Gupta - Ikigai Coach on LinkedIn
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