While some people are busy buying gifts for their partner on Valentine's Day,
some businesses rolled in massive cash!!

Market of America during Valentine’s day:

2019: $20.7 billion
2018: $19.6 billion

Louis Vuitton stated that valentine #sales account for 10-12% of business share
for luxury brands.

Most #ecommerce platforms report transactions of Rs 10-20 Cr with 70% rise in
valentine gift vouchers and women are seen spending 35% more than men.

Jewelry industry earns the most during Valentines ~ $3.9billion followed by,

- Clothing at $2.1 billion
- Flowers at $1.9 billion
- Candy at $1.8 billion
- Gift cards at $1.3 billion

Not just the big #brands, but the florists in India too earned a sum total of Rs
30 Cr last year!

Indeed, valentines is a big opportunity for the unorganized sector as well.

Originally posted by Radhika Bajoria on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/radhika-bajoria-3102ba158