While building BimaPe, the team and I have constantly referred to some books.

We have compiled a short list (with explanations) below:

💪First - a message to Founders - do not feel pressure to 'build' all the time.
You must spend time reflecting and learning - this will often drive your 'big
wins' (as it has for BimaPe).

Back to books, by topic -

Vishrut and I refer to:
1. 'What You Do is Who You Are' by Ben Horowitz
2. 'Trillion Dollar Coach' - Eric Schmidt

I refer to:
1. 'High Output Management' by Andy Grove
2. 'Principles' by Ray Dalio
3. 'Radical Candor' by Kim Scott

Abraz, Nishant, Eashan, Krish and I refer to:
1. 'Atomic Habits'
2. 'Inspired' by Marty Cagan
3. 'Design of Everyday Things' by Don Norman

Our entire team refers to:
1. 'Alchemy' by Rory Sutherland
2. 'Contagious'
3. 'Hacking Growth'

❓ Reading provides the team with huge leverage - we can run experiments from our
reading (few minutes) based upon learnings (many years) from different authors.

👉We have made & tested several changes to Wallet by BimaPe
(https://wallet.bimape.com/) basis the above books

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