While all 7 threats highlighted by Robin Sharma in his latest book are legit,
the one that threatens me the most (always!) is 'energetic diversion'. It took
me at least two decades to realise that we ought to manage our energy mindfully.

Our life goes where our energy flows. Our energy strengthens our convictions.
Our convictions provoke our actions.

We put in a lot of effort to manage our time, and strategically schedule our
days/weeks/months and years however we should also be focusing on managing our
energies. For instance, my productivity is at its best at a certain time of the
day. And it is biased to, or to put it mildly, associated with certain kinds of
activities and tasks too.

For a very long time, I thought I was lazy when confronted with a certain
challenging task at a certain time of the day however after several years of
experiments later it dawned on me that it wasn't true. I wasn't lazy, I had just
lacked the energy to focus on the challenge at that time of the day.

Writing, especially writing or anything that demands a creative knack including
finding solutions to certain challenges, I do best in the quiet hours. I am sure
a lot of you would be like me. You would enjoy the peace and tranquillity that
comes with the quiet hours to work on something pertinent to you or just bask in
its glory to recharge yourself before facing the chaos. This, my friend, is
being mindful of your energy flow, don't you think?

What are your thoughts?

PS: By this, I do not discount the value of scheduling our time however the way
we approach scheduling our time works better if done with our varying energy
levels in mind.

Nithya Prabu.

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