Which skills an ideal digital marketer should have?

I often get asked this question and

my one-word answer is,

“ Curiosity”.

If you are curious enough, you will find out and learn the other required

A digital marketer must be curious. Curiosity leads to creativity and creativity
is arguably the #1 skill anyone can have.

When you see any high performing ad on Facebook, you should be curious about
what made that ad so engaging?

When you see any website ranking for a competitive keyword without many
backlinks, you should think, how?

Have you seen my “ I don’t like this Sisinty guy” ad?

It gave me 2.4x ROAS compared to other ads because I knew my target audience
well and therefore I wrote an ad like that.

When you are curious, you research more than required and it gives you
phenomenal output most of the time.

Knowing metrics like CPM, CPC, CPA are not enough. One should dive deeper and
check out the flow of funnel.

When you are able to find out the relationship between decreased performance and
crucial mistake in the landing page,

Your growth begins.

The bottom line is, if you want to be a kickass digital marketer, say bye to
stereotype learning.


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