When you really think about it, staring at a blank page for a long time really
isn’t something you would think of doing every day.

But if you really want to write your book, you will push through and just do it.

So to help you out, here are 5 ways to motivate yourself:

🧭 Outline first - By doing this, you’re mapping out what your book will look
like when it’s finished and you will also have a guide when you start writing.

🥅 Create small attainable goals - Just like the outline, it is the smaller goal
compared to the whole book itself. Create small attainable goals so that you
won’t be overwhelmed.

🏋🏽 Make it a habit - People who want to lose weight, always end up liking the
routine even if they reached their goal. They want to keep doing it because they
made it a habit.

🗑 Brain dump - Your first draft doesn’t need to be perfect. Write everything
you can think of on that page and just organize them all when you start to edit
your manuscript.

💆 Take care of yourself - If you’re exhausted in any way, you won’t function
properly. That’s why this is important as well.
These are just 5 out of the many out there I hope this helps you stay motivated
to finish your book.

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