When you reach out to someone here on LinkedIn that you hope to do business

It's your chance to show that you're human.

Don't screw it up by being:
❌ Self centered (ppl don't like that)
❌ Canned (ppl don't like that)
❌ Weird (weird only works with people that know and appreciate your version of
weird lol)

How can you show that you’re human by sending out a bunch of automated messages
sent by a bot? 🤔

See the problem?

People know or get the sense when a message is automated and guess what? THEY

That’s no way to start a relationship, now is it?

Show you’re human by being human. Take a look at someone’s profile, their
content, their comments, and help them see that you see beyond their title.

And if you can’t?

WAIT until you can or move on to one of the other 700 MILLION+ people on here,
okay? This is a perfect example of ‘there are plenty of fish in the sea'.

👩🏾‍💻 How do you 'connect' with people here on LinkedIn?

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