When we were preparing for IIT, there was a trend to post about your All India
Rank on Facebook and of course, a lot of people will congratulate you.

Our Physics teacher in IIT coaching used to say that getting into IIT will
decide, if you will take your wife around in a car or a scooter. Obviously, all
those tender minds, who would not make it to any IIT, will inevitably feel that
their lives are doomed.

10 years fast forward and everyone who did not go to IIT, is also doing as good
as our classmates at IIT.

Now, replace IITs with interviews of Top Tech Companies and story remains same.

So often, we associate our success with an event or result but forget the fact
that success is in the continuum of life.

Many of our students, who failed at the Amazon Interview in past years, are
happy and are doing incredibly valuable work as researchers and developers. What
mattered most in the longer haul, is the ability to remain focussed, do hard
work with consistency and sincerity for small things.

For all those, who failed here and there, it is alright. Success is very
subjective and has to be seen in the context of life.

Whatever it is, It is merely an event, never more important than life itself.

Posted by Anoop Garg on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/anoopgarg123