When should a startup add a new team member? Hiring doesn't solve every problem
- it can also cause problems if done too early

An approach that has worked for us at BimaPe:
😅Perform the tasks yourself before hiring
- Doing a future candidate's work gives you an idea of the competence, scope of
work and time commitments that the role would require
- It helps you write an accurate role description (and you can get this checked
by advisors)

Vishrut, Abraz and I did Product Marketing for ~2 months before Vedika joined us
- we could evaluate candidate <> role fit easily!

🤯Feel the pain before hiring
- Is the new hire a 'nice to have' or 'must have'
- Ideally, you want to have working hours as the constraint to getting the job
done (startups are slightly different here)
- You will be able to describe the "bad" side of the job

Eashan & Kunal broke their heads writing our backend code before recruiting
Pranav to join us

✔️Position before the person
- Even if you find exceptional talent and don't have an immediate role - pass on
- There is a hidden 'management cost' for every team member

👉Every aspect of our product (https://wallet.bimape.com/) reached a 'breaking
point' before we added a new team member to take ownership - this is painful but

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