When people (especially investors) look out for building their thesis into
categories, more often than not they lose out on great people (founders).
Because a lot of category creation is in process at the back. - Santi Subotsvky
who was an early investor in Zoom, Salesforce, etc

The concept of venturing into SaaS enabled marketplaces for creative services
has been a vastly understated market for years now. Productisation of services
has always been a understated category but when done successfully - has just led
to a lot of ‘Wow’ moments.

We are building Pepper as one of the category creating companies across content
marketing. We are working on experiences which never seemed possible otherwise.
Can you imagine people buying content in an e-commerce manner? You will very
soon! 💯

Originally posted by Anirudh Singla on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/anirudh-singla-3a1844137