When migrating from MyShopify. com to LIVE domain, LOOK OUT for this SEO
mistake, or your organic traffic might take a BIG HIT...

Just finished auditing a Shopify store with over 1000+ pages, decent
optimization & solid SEO...

But then I saw it...

1500+ external links going to Shopify's (MyShopify) staging domain.

Worst of all, all the links were do-follow.

You might be thinking, doesn't MyShopify URL redirect back to the main domain

Yes, it does, but by linking out to Shopify, you'll be losing out on a lot of
link juice...

Not only that, Google won't even see all the internal links that you have in


Because the links are external, linking out to Shopify's domain and NOT to

Unsure how to check if your store also has this problem?

Drop me a DM with your store URL, and I'll check for you!

Posted by Benjamin Golden on Facebook
link: facebook.com/benjamingoldenweb