When is a good time to invest in stocks?

1. ALWAYS. It is always a good time to have a beer; similarly, it is always a
good time to buy stocks.

2. Why? because at almost every stage, some stocks are over-valued and some
stocks are under-valued.

3. You make money by buying undervalued things and then selling them when they
get overvalued.

4. But, how do we decide if something is overvalued or undervalued?
- You should learn about fundamental analysis and technical analysis of stocks.

5. Fundamental analysis will tell you two things:
- If an asset (in this case a stock) is good/bad i.e the quality of the stock.
- What is the intrinsic value of that firm (no one can figure this out for sure,
but it helps you get to a ballpark)

6. Technical analysis tells you:
- When is the right time to buy/sell by looking at historic trends and how the
stock behaves.

Noteworthy points:
- You don't need to be a Finance Wiz to make money in the stock market.
- Stock market can and should become your side income (in my case it is my major
- If you don't know stock markets, then you will let other people make money
from your money. Example: your Mutual Fund manager.


Originally posted by Akshat Shrivastava on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/akshat-shrivastava-3375b018