When I started #writing on #Medium, I didn't know it would one day inspire me to
go the full-on #writerpreneur mode. Because I wrote consistently, I've been able

- Make $9000 US from writing alone in 2020 (and more than that amount in the
first 2 months of 2021).

- Get two freelancing clients who pay 2x of what I make from Medium.

- Launch my own #course where I help new writers make their first $100 on Medium
- and then give them the push to continue writing and pursuing their #dreams.

- Grow my niche #audience on #YouTube centered around writing and making #money
on Medium.

I was only writing every day. I didn't know I was unlocking #opportunities for
the #future.

How about you? What opportunities has writing every day unlocked for you? Let me

Originally posted by Anangsha Alammyan on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/anangsha-alammyan