I had fears like:

1. Not able to get high paying clients

2. Opting for a job if I don't make enough money

3. Losing a big customer

4. Not being able to deliver on a project

5. Client asking for a refund

6. Customers not paying up

The list is endless.

I always wanted to run away from these fears.

But the more I ran away from them the more they troubled me.

As all these fears came true.

I realised, only when I face them and take action.

Fears go away.

I guess the same happens in our life as well.

Fears are just a reminder of the bad things which may happen.

Once it happens we donโ€™t fear anymore.

There is only way I learnt to overcome fear is to face it and take the risk.

Action is the key

Failure is not permanent

Just as success is not

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