When I started BimaPe in October 2020, I couldn't find good sources for company
building geared towards 1st time founders.

This encouraged me to share our learnings -

1. "Make people part of your problems, not just solutions" 🤝
- As a 1st time founder, you're under pressure.
- Acknowledge your shortcomings - your team, investors & customers will respect
you & your company
E.g. - we're raising our Seed round - I'm transparent with our team regarding
some missteps during this process

2. "Lead with context not control" 💪
- You trust your team; give them the 'context' - why and what needs to be solved
(focus on user problem or company goals)
- Take part in execution but let others take the lead if they demonstrate they
E.g. - Vishrut, Eashan & Kunal independently work on a feature set without my

3. "Good ideas can come from anywhere" 💡
- Make decisions cross functional; engineers shouldn't only write code.
- Create a process where ideas can be discussed - disagree & then commit.
E.g. - our engineers Pranav, Krish & Nishant come up with terrific solutions to

❓I'd be happy to answer your questions!

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/rahul-jaideep-mathur