When I started BimaPe - I thought I knew a lot about building a company.

5 months in - I've realized that I know very little about building a company and
I'm shit at many functions.

I learn from our team everyday & get very different perspectives - building the
Product is one part of building a company - process, culture and framework
matters just as much.

Here are some examples:
📈Our new Product Marketing hire showed me
- 'Snapshots by BimaPe' is too text heavy; still has jargon!
- We haven't developed & tested a content strategy

👂 Our incoming UX Research hire showed me:
- We have a sampling bias in our UX research
- We don't have a developed UX research framework

🎨Our Product Designer Abraz taught me
- 'function' over 'form' is key
- Assume that your buyer does not know anything

🤔Being a Founder often is about:
- Acknowledging that even if you like to do something - you're probably shit at
it compared to a great hire for that role.
- Finding the right team; where each member is better than you in a dimension.

🐎I'm letting the reins go on some functions - you will see Wallet by BimaPe
improve tremendously with our new hires.

And, we still have ~7 open roles after filling 4 in January.

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/rahul-jaideep-mathur