When I had joined IIT Kanpur back in 2011, IIT Kanpur had a policy that I
initially disliked, but later found to be extremely visionary. They did not
allow students to have laptops in the first year.

Just imagine. You are a student starting your college studies, and you cannot
carry a laptop. Where will you do all the assignments and research? As a
computer science student, how were you supposed to code without a laptop?

Well, turned out there were no issues finally as there were enough computers in
the computer labs for everyone on the campus.

But the good thing that came out of this policy was that students built stronger
relationships on campus. If you do not have a laptop, you will tend to bond more
with people around you, instead of being closeted in your room watching movies.

A unique strategy to keep students away from wasting their time and instead
nudge them towards building deeper relationships. I am not sure if IIT Kanpur
still has that policy - but I found it fantastic.


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