When I first joined GrowthClub, 😆

I actually had no idea-

How to write on LinkedIn.

It’s a nifty, quirky little style and you had to work at it,

Till you got it right.

Throughout the years,

Here’s what I learnt, though-

Writing for writing’s sake,

Is quite different from writing for growth marketing’s sake.

See, when you’re into Growth Marketing,

You focus on your readers more,

In fact, the content is centred around them.

The idea isn’t just to let go and splash ink across pages,

(Although that helps sometimes.) 💡

It’s to grab your viewers’ attention & make them care.

But wait-

That isn’t all, either.

Creating content is just half the battle.

(Less, according to experts).

The next step is to post it correctly.

Oh yes!

There are things to be taken into consideration.

Timing, for example.

Posting when half the world is still asleep isn’t a good idea.

Nor when people are too busy at work to care.

Posting in a way that gets maximum engagement & viewership,

And nurturing it to get the right results is a skill like any other.

One learns all this through trial & error.

Of course,

You could also follow The Growth Club's content,

To know more.

Not all who wander are lost, after all.

We have goodies lined up. 🥳

And here's to an amazing 2021. 🥂