When I audit my 10 years journey. I feel like I have learned many things from
experimenting and failures.

The pain and struggles are meant to verify your fortitude before crossing.

Here's how I traveled 2009 to 2021-

2009: Left Government job.

2010: Started job at Marketing company.

2011: Started own consulting business.

2011-2014: Succeeded phenomenally.

2014: Started experimenting with new business ventures.

2014: Failed app development business. Lost investments.

2015: Miserably Failed in many ways. Started a new job, left job and became
fulltime freelancer in Digital Marketing.

2016: Started digital marketing agency.

2017: Many traumatic experiences.

2019: Started digital marketing agency based training institute.

2020: Succeeding with agency and institute

I had faith It would all work from the start.

I see others complaining about what happened in 2020.

I see myself proud of how I reacted to change in 2020..

I don't mind if 2021 will be worse, I will be ready for it.

2021: taking that agency and institute to new heights man time to ace it!

Make yourself ready for change.

Make yourself antifragile.

Keep Pushing Yourself.



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