We had no confidence initially because podcast was out of comfort zone activity
for us.

But we didn't fear and took action regardless.

Naik Durvesh
was in Mumbai, I was in Pune and our guest from other cities.

We used to write a script (screenshot attached below) and rehearse it 1-2 times
before the actual recording. That's how we used to get confidence LOL!

The message I want to give you all through this post is that don't think too
much. If you really want to do something, take actions. Give your 100% to make
it happen. It works.

The Marathi Podcast was hit. Now we have stopped it but we have created a solid
WhatsApp community out of it. (119 members; mostly entrepreneurs and marketers)

Have you seen me posting my queries in Facebook groups? Rarely. Because I get an
instant solution from my WhatsApp community- Just a single message and somebody
answers it within minutes.

Most of the times it's
Rohan Chaubey
and it seems he likes that community a lot

On coming 25th Feb, we are completing 2 years to group

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