When Airbnb founders realized that people looking for alternative accommodation
often searched on Craigslist, they offered for Airbnb accommodation providers to
copy their listing to Craiglist with one click. The result? Immediate access to
a large market of target users.

Dropbox took another route, gamifying its onboarding process. It offered
existing users more free storage for linking their Dropbox account to Twitter
and Facebook and sharing information about Dropbox on social media. The result?
Exponential growth and free user acquisition.

Growing one's business is the goal of every entrepreneur, yet sometimes it’s
hard to come up with ideas. A lot of successful companies have used a variety of
growth hacks to propel themselves to the next level.

At A Junior VC, we keep things simple with our take on Concepts
(https://lnkd.in/gANUsEh), to help understand the different aspects of building
a startup, in a fun and detailed comic book format.

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