When a facebook ad doesn’t perform well, we blame copies or creatives

We blame Facebook for suppressed leads

We blame clients budget

But, it’s none of the above!

It’s not performing because you are not clear about offerings and customers

I brought CPR from 188 to 20 in a weeks time..

Unbelievable right?

When I was writing copies for an ad which was about a stock market course

I was simply writing copies on takeaways, USP and contributed as much as I
could, but the CPR was INR 188 and slight came down to INR 100

In fact, made a video also but didn't work out well...

Diving deep into marketing with

Pranav Kale

workshop, I realized that writing ad copies or marketing is more about

Finding the target audience - Finding out who needs it and who doesn’t is a big
thing! It’s involves understanding what market is looking for and if you are
giving that to them

Taking feedback and finding out why the customers are choosing us- Helps in
redefining USP

Connecting with them at an emotional level and empathizing with their problems-
Helped me find out more pain points and also solutions that the course offered

Then I prepared copies and creatives...

It took almost 20 hours of research, calls, brainstorming and what not..

And boom!

My CPR is now INR 23

Going beyond your traditional services and getting connected to the customer for
feedback can work wonders for your ads

My clients satisfaction knows no bound since then

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