Well, you've probably heard or used this term jokingly on social media,
especially if you're an Indian.

But little did we anticipate that this could actually be termed as a successful
marketing and sales funnel strategy.

From the last three months,

Aman Agrawal

and I have been working with a couple of Online Coaches and have successfully
established a proven coaching system that perfectly suits the Indian audience
and offensively profitable for the coaches too!

We like to call it the 'WhatsApp University for E-learning' model...

Here's what the no-brainer funnels looks like...

No expensive tools

No complex automations

No costly LMS subscriptions

No pre-recorded outdating videos

Provided you have a proper value ladder in place, and a proven e-learning
product with the right offer, you are bound to be successful!

Here's how the acquisition and sales funnel goes-

For Top of the funnel and Middle of the funnel you run facebook ads with
corresponding relevant messaging. Creatives and Copywriting plays highly crucial
role at this stage of the funnel. (Won't go much deep into Facebook ads. That's
a whole different game altogether!)

Interested person clicking on the ad lands on a Workshop Sales Page, where you
educate the prospect about the workshop. Here you give the workshop content,
about the mentor, student testimonials, FAQs, etc.

A common Call-to-action on sales page drives the user to a payment gateway
platform like Instamojo or Razorpay where he/she can enroll for the workshop.

Once the user registers, he/she is redirected to a Thank You page with a CTA
that gets them added to an exclusive WhatsApp Group.


! You've got your workshop registeration finally!

This WhatsApp group is where you provide all the value to the students and it
becomes a medium of communication throughout the workshop.

Each day, 30 minutes prior to the workshop, zoom webinar link is shared with the
students on the group and the sessions are conducted.

Day 6 is the bonus session, as we like to portray it. This where doubt solving,
QnA, career guidance for students happen. Soon after, product pitch webinar is
conducted where the students are introduced to a higher ticket upsell. Now is
the time to level up with much more value packed product at a much higher price

In the end, the goal is to uppskill as many students possible with the best
knowledge at reasonable price point compared to traditional industry standards.

This is the most crucial step of the funnel that decides your ultimate ROI of
the entire workshop. (In our case, 13 out of 38 students opted for the high
ticket certification program, which is a staggering 34% conversion rate!!!)

After thoroughly researching Russell Brunson's perfect webinar script, we have
come up with the best webinar structure that helps in closing the maximum number
of students for an upsell coaching program. A lot of psychology goes into
warming up the prospects to then make them convert.

If you religiously follow everything from start to finish, you would build an
insanely profitable no-brainer system for your coaching clients that they can
rinse and repeat to grow their e-learning business model.

Last but not the least, the foundation on which the entire funnel stands is the

Gladly, the coaches we have worked with check both the conditions for us.

- They don't sell dreams.

- They don't sell fluff.

- They don't cheat.

- They don't promise loads of money.

Their product is about honing a new skill that you can then monetise in the

As a coach, your mission needs to surround the people you want to help, and not
the money you want to make. If that's aligned properly, any funnel and marketing
approach could make you profitable ultimately.

"A great product saves your efforts in marketing!"

Let us know how you feel about this. Feel free to shoot your questions and we
shall answer them all.




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