WhatsApp changed its usage terms. I attempted to glance through the changes but
in vain. Few issues:

1. Why should a WhatsApp user share information with Facebook where he is not a

2. The Data Protection Bill completed 166 hearings by JPC. But has it covered
these examples of pseudo forced acceptance of terms?

3. Do 400 mn of us have collective power to ask for informed consent where we
know and can control what is being shared and for what? Or we simply yield to
acceptance with fear of social oblivion?

4. Can we 100% stop cross-app information sharing without explicit user consent
with adequate explanation as to how the same will be used by sharing and
receiving apps?

Please, it's my data, my phone and my decision.

You should design the policies to protect this and not rob me from my rights.

#dataprivacy #personaldata #gdpr #data #privacy #whatsapp #facebook

Posted by Mandar Pramod Dixit on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/dixitmandar