šŸš€ What Y Combinator Looks for in Founders

Y Combinator has a recipe for finding winning companies. They have helped launch
Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, and DoorDash.

Here is what they look for according to co-founder Paul Graham. This is also a
good recipe for any CEO!

1. Determination
This is more important than intelligence. Although intelligence is of course
needed too!

2. Flexibility
Determination does not equal stubbornness tough. You need to be like a good
running back: determined to get downfield, but willing to go sideways or
backward if needed.

3. Imagination
The most important type of intelligence for founders is imagination. Obvious
ideas have already been done. Successful startup ideas often sound crazy in the
beginning. Take for example Airbnb - would you let strangers stay in your home?

4. Naughtiness
Successful founders often have a mischievous twinkle in their eyes. They see
past the status quo and the usual obstacles that stop others. Think Bill Gates.

5. Friendship
Most successful startups have two or three founders and their relationship needs
to be strong e.g. Jobs and Wozniak. If they can be pulled apart, they will be.

Are any of these factors more important than the others?


Source: Paul Graham

Posted by Steven LeClair on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/steveleclair