What would you do as a Founder if an Intern -
1. Doesn't Respect Transparency at work.
2. Doesn't respond to emails/texts on time for days.
3. Miss out on crucial deadlines without informing.
4. Doesn't submit work reports.
5. Threatens the company to give a negative publicity in public at the end when
asked to leave.
6. Misuse the messaging & take gender as advantage to mislead audience.

A friend's startup had faced this issue by a clg Student & the college authority
had been deaf to their complaint.

This guy doesn't want to involve police/ take legal action in 1st place else the
kid's career will be endangered.

What's your opinion on such interns?

Should we have proper legal agreements also for interns?

Should we have a stringent guidelines for interns?

Are students now a days lacking work ethics, largely?

This guy reached out to me as we work with a lot of Students & frankly such
incident had shocked me too.

I would think twice to work with students from now to avoid such instances.

Since I know his small startup personally, I know how patient & supportive he
had been, I asked him to dismiss this matter and move ahead.

And going forward have a proper legal document signed by interns & put
everything on metrics.

What's this your thought to deal with such situations?

Posted by Nikhil J on LinkedIn
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