What to do when someone tells you,

you are not good enough

What to do when you have toxic bosses

What to do when everybody say "this is not your cup of tea"

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To overcome the negative voices of your haters, you need to seek out mentors who
have been where you'd like to go. Seek out people who will coach you and empower
you along your journey.

A good mentor will challenge you to get better. A good mentor will point out
your shortcomings and tell you why you weren't good enough that particular day.
However, unlike a hater, a good mentor will provide you with solutions for
growth. These are the voices you should listen to.

To find success, keep grinding, improving your existing skills, and learning new

Every day in life you have a choice to either listen to your haters and give in
to self-doubt or go out there and make the changes you need to improve. Do
something small each day to improve your career, and over time those small steps
will turn into something big.

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