What's the rush?

In a fast-moving startup ecosystem where everything feels like an overnight
success, founders are naturally inclined to be in a rush.

In a rush to build fast.

In a rush to hire fast.

In a rush to raise fast.

In a rush to scale fast.

In a rush to get to their destination.

Except the "in a rush" is in their minds and minds and expectations are running
faster than reality can ever catch up to.

Plus most often in startups, it takes 2 times the money and 4 times the time to
get to "any planned destination"

The result is a constant feeling of we are behind, we are failing, we are
missing something, we are <more self-doubt>.

While a pinch of all of this is *great*, anything beyond is destructive.

Notion tried to figure out what might work for 4 years or something. Medium too.
So did <insert your fave example>.

I love it when small teams iterate and iterate and confidently to get to
milestones one by one and treat *progress* as a metric they chase.

With this, you are constantly moving forward without any rush and you are
actually like to end up going faster, too, eventually.

We are fortunate to be working with several such teams at Better where my job is
just to make sure they don't run out of runway :)

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Posted by Vaibhav Domkundwar on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/better