What questions should you ask when you're networking?

In most cases, we get stuck with the same stuff:

“What do you do?”

“What’s a day in the life at [Company] like?”


If you want to stand out, you need to ask better questions!

In 1997, psychologist Arthur Aron set out to understand if a connection between
two strangers can be accelerated by the questions they ask.

His research became a viral article called “The 36 Questions That Lead To Love.”

While his findings focus on love, we can borrow from them and add a professional

Here are a few examples:

1. Name three things you and your partner have in common (identify these before
you reach out!)

2. What would constitute the perfect day for you? (Alternatively, what could you
talk about for hours without getting bored?)

3. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life? (Or, looking back on the
last 12 months, what are you most proud of?)

Questions like these are networking gold.

They're not asked by many people so you're more likely to be remembered.

They're also an invitation for this person to focus on things they like, that
helps create a positive association with you.

You can find all of the questions and the full article in the comments.

Which question sparked an idea for your next convo?👇

Posted by Austin Belcak on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/abelcak