💰 What M&A Looks Like During the Pandemic 💰

The pandemic and accompanied market shutdowns have placed M&A in quarantine.

Several high-ticket M&A have been placed on hold:
For example, the $4 billion deal between Boeing and Embraer's.

Or withdrawn:
Such as Xerox withdrawing a $35 billion bid to acquire HP.

Mergers and acquisitions are notoriously difficult in any environment.
The COVID pandemic have made the M&A landscape even more challenging.

So, what does it currently look like?

1️⃣ Current deals placed on hold while market assessments are done

2️⃣ Deal volumes reduced as markets fall and hope to recover

3️⃣ Acquirers focus on several deal-types to purchase distressed companies

4️⃣ New M&A challenges emerging as companies with promising pandemic recovery
are high ticket deals

5️⃣ Internal M&A capabilities are being shorted-up by upgrading the operating
processes, and more

Have a look at the PDF below.
It explains what M&A looks like during the pandemic with key market analysis and
the way forward.

Does anything in the PDF resonate?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the M&A market will recover. 👇 👇

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Originally posted by Greg Brinson on LinkedIn
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