What is your current salary?
"It is 250,000 INR"

What are you expecting?
"I am expecting 500,000 INR"

Is that negotiable?

He was a software developer with 6 months experience.

We asked him "Will you will accept the offer if they offer you this money?"

He promised he will accept the offer

Our Client was a Japanese client, they had clearly communicated the budget to us

We processed his profile to give him an opportunity

He cleared all the interviews & in the HR round he asked for 550,000 INR. We
were shocked!

When we asked him the reason he said
"I want more money now"

The client shared:

We cant offer this candidate for 3 reasons:
1. He did not keep his word. He will show the same at work
2. He is greedy, he will pick another offer even if he gets 50,000 more
3. We follow the japanese values, culture & ethics. There is a value conflict,
it wont work in the long run

We dropped his candidature.

We see this happening frequently.

This made me wonder is this the same Indian values, culture & ethics that we
were proud of years ago?


P.S: India has a low score of 40 (ranked 86th) in the corruption perceptions
index(CPI), Japan has a high score of 74(ranked 19th). Researchers found an
increase in GDP growth with a higher CPI score.


Originally posted by Sandeep Kochhar on LinkedIn
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