What is the biggest hurdle in creating next generation leaders ?

Everyone wants to do an #MBA or work in #Consulting.

No one knows What's Next !

I have also been guilty of such thinking when I was 22.

However, I worked across 4 organizations ranging from #publicpolicy to
#ecommerce and #managementconsulting in a span of 7 years to explore my calling.
While, my father spent 30+ years serving a single organization.

World is changing at a rapid pace than we can imagine and today there is no one
right way to build careers.

In the short sightedness of moving from degree to a degree, we have collectively
detriorated our generation's thinking, creativity and visionary capabilities.

We are not trained to take the long term view and get hung up on the daily ups
and downs.

At Global Governance Initiative, we decided to do something about it.

Rather than creating enthusiast MBA dummies, we are invigorating and nurturing
progressive future leaders who can advocate and solve challenges around #Climate
Impact, #Inequality, Telecom Wars and Sustainable #Finance among many other
cutting edge jobs.

If interested, the opportunity link on our GGI Impact Scholar program can be
found in comments.

Why should you lead ?

Because if we the well read generation won't, Who will ?

Originally posted by Shatakshi Sharma on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/shatakshi-sharma-410