What I leant from working as a part time salesrep in my dad's planter's shop? 👇


You may have an intention to help but people don't like being bothered


Someone walks into the shop and you go -

⚱️This is the Ceramic section,
⚱️Here's the Metal section
⚱️These are the Fountains
⚱️And here is Glass

Result - Information overdose

99% of time I heard... I'll come back next time and they never did (Sounds like
my ex) evil hoochie

A better alternative - You greet the customer (Inbound lead) and let them look

You don't give them any info this time

It creates an unrest. Makes them curious 🤔💭


🌱 Why does pot A looks different from B.
🌱 Is this metal?
🌱 Are those flowers real or artificial?
🌱 How does that fountain work?
🌱 Will this pot fit on my table?

Once they get to a point where they want to know

Only then you supply them with information 👨‍🏫

This way - You don't overwhelm them

Also this way - You only answer questions that are relevent to them

There is no assumption ❌

Most importantly - They don't feel pressured 😣

Closed a sale today using this same approach. Gang 🦴

Will keep sharing as I learn more about B2C

Done with the Gyan. Now go enjoy your date

What do you think? 🐼

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