What happens when things aren’t going your way?

For sometime, you try to find solutions.

But even after finding such solutions, most people give up later.

You know why?

Because finding solutions to current problems is a temporary fix.

And such fixes don’t address the root cause. Rather, they hide it!

This is good for now, but worst for your future.

As you’re letting the problem grow and get a stronghold to come out bigger than

And these quick fixes won’t work then
Which would leave you with no choice but to quit.

What’s the solution, then?

From my perspective, time & an alternate path!

Yes, you need time to critically analyze the problem and if it calls for an
alternative path, you’ve got to find & choose one.

You need to detour a little, explore new avenues, and have the courage to take a
new road. Sometimes you would fail, but you got to succeed only once!

Even in failures, you would have learned a lot from these routes.

And trust me, this would lead you to your success.

So, don’t find fixes, change the route.

You’ll do great.

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