What happens if you fail to update your content? It dies a slow death. All that
work conducting research, crafting engaging copy and optimizing it for search is

It’s all for nothing.

Need proof? Take a look at the image attached to this post.

The top screenshot is what happens when you don't update your content on a
regular basis. It started off well, but overtime, traffic began to fall.

And it now generates less than 30 visits per month.

(I may as well delete it).

The bottom screenshot is what happens to content that's updated every single

This piece generates 2,000 visits per month and has earned a total of 73,000
visits to date.

(You can literally see the traffic jump when I update it).

Now, it's much easier to update an existing piece of content than it is to
create a new piece.

It’s just an absolute pain!

That’s why I schedule in a full week every year to update top performing content
using a proven step-by-step process. It prevents decay every single time.

The impact?

It's the difference between 2,800 visits or 73,000 visits.

Do that for 10 pieces of content, and you’ve saved 500,000 content views from

P.S. Want the process I use to prevent content decay? It’s in the first comment.

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