What Grinds My Gears Monday.

Cold outreach from developers usually includes something like:

I am wordpress specialist who can build website, I can program in 18 languages,
I can do API integration, AJAX, PHP, Angular Framework, NodeJS, JavaScript,
ASP.NET, C#, REACT, Magento, Joomla, Drupcal configuration.

I can build apps, mobile apps, web apps, integrations, I can code an app to make
your life easier, I can program any machine, provide remote support, optimise
your life and improve your relationship.

Honestly, it's not sexy, advocating that you can do 100 things means you
probably do each one of those things badly.

SEOs be out there like:

I can

* Optimise your website
* Code your title tags in dynamic angular
* Use code injection to add your keyword 3400 times
* I can dynamically retarget Googlebot with 400X h1 tags
* I can write content in 400 languages
* Build you a new SEO website
* Program Google to rank you number 1
* Dynamically inject backlinks
* Improve your love life

Upselling via cold inmail is just boring.

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Originally posted by Daniel Foley Carter on LinkedIn
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