What goes up (up, up and up) must come down?

In Oct of last year, I told my Mom (who had given me some money to invest when
the BSE Index was 40k), "Mom, chill. We will get to a 50k Index by the end of
2022, so just keep patience. You will get your 12-15% return, so just enjoy the
slow, but sure ride".

Now, it looks like my Mom got a ride on a Space Rocket vs the 'bael gaadi'
(bullock cart) I had promised her:) She is definitely not complaining and asking
if she can give me MORE money

If I give anyone a chance to explain WHY the markets are where they are, I'm
sure I will get solid reasoning that will make the fiercest bears cry rivers of

BUT, we all know that nothing good (or bad) lasts forever.

What I fear is:

- FOMO investors who will eventually get the biggest haircuts of their lives

- Gamified trading platforms (Robinhood) making 'trading' the hero vs

- Entrepreneurs REALLY thinking that Price Earnings of 100x (Look at Internet
stocks in India) is 'normal'

What I've learned over the past 35 years is simple: Reality is your best friend.
Fantasy can be your worst enemy. BUT Dreams do come true

So keep doing

(Ps: I'm not complaining one bit by the spectacle of these markets

Your views and wisdom?


Originally posted by Alok Kejriwal on Facebook
link: facebook.com/rodinhood