What did I learn from Hugh Hefner?

One of the most controversial entrepreneurs of all time,

The founder of Playboy can either be considered a social activist or an
egotistical hedonist that objectified women.

But he is also remembered to have published some of the most remarkable works of
that time and achieved to attain cult status.

(1) Believe in yourself:

Hefner quit his dream job because they refused his request for $5 raise. I
managed to borrow $8000 from friends and family and started Playboy to sell
something never talked about before in public!

(2) Be an opportunist:

He saw an opportunity and went for it. Be it a talk show on television or his
famous Playboy Clubs; the man sure knew how to stay in the limelight and earn
from it.

(3)Research thoroughly:

Some of his articles addressing social causes are considered one of the best.
Steve Jobs referred to him as" the only good media interview he did over the

He used to spend 8-12 hours with his guests to extract everything he needed from

"Life is too short to live someone else's dream."
-Hugh Hefner
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