What could be the most powerful #technologystack for #facilitymanagement

1. That š—ŗš—¼š˜ƒš—²š˜€ š—¶š—» š˜„š—¶š˜š—µ š˜†š—¼š˜‚š—æ š—°š—¼š—»š˜š—暝—®š—°š˜, compliments
investments from Property/Facility Owners and is part of the service delivery

2. That when moved out with your contract, š—°š—暝—²š—®š˜š—²š˜€ š—® š˜ƒš—¼š—¶š—± š—¶š—»
š—暝—²š˜€š—½š—²š—°š˜ š˜š—¼ š˜ƒš—®š—¹š˜‚š—² and hence creates the link beyond pricing.

No one has that sort of stack now. š—•š˜‚š˜ š˜š—µš—² š—暝—²š—®š—¹ š—¾š˜‚š—²š˜€š˜š—¶š—¼š—» š—¶š˜€
š˜„š—µš—¼ š—¶š˜€ š—Æš˜‚š—¶š—¹š—±š—¶š—»š—“ š˜š—µš—®š˜ š˜€š—¼š—暝˜ š—¼š—³ š˜€š˜š—®š—°š—øā“

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"š— š—¼š˜ƒš—¶š—»š—“ š—Æš—²š˜†š—¼š—»š—± š—–š—”š—™š— +š—–š— š— š—¦" š—®š—»š—± "š—¦š˜š—®š—暝˜š—¶š—»š—“ š—®š—»š—±
š˜€š—°š—®š—¹š—¶š—»š—“ š—”š˜€š˜€š—²š˜ š—£š—²š—暝—³š—¼š—暝—ŗš—®š—»š—°š—² š— š—®š—»š—®š—“š—²š—ŗš—²š—»š˜
š—¦š˜š—暝—®š˜š—²š—“š˜†". Compiled for #FacilityManagement companies.

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