What are some of the popular LTDs that are shelfware for you?

For me,

* SwipePages: As a non-agency owner, it is of no use to me.
* ProWriting Aid and Linguix - I use Grammarly for obvious reasons.
* ACF Pro - Again, no requirement.
* Koofr - I have too many existing ones.
* InVideo - It's good, but I'm not into that.
* BunnyShell - Now, I use a far better one, i.e., RunCloud.
* Crello - For my usage, no difference between Free and Pro.
* Integrately - Yet to find 1st use case. LOL
* Kirim Email - I use SendInBlue and Socketlabs.

These are all good on their own, but not everyone has the same requirement. This
happens when you buy without analyzing your use case or FOMO. Now, I only buy
what I need. So, hardly adding any shelfware. What's your good shelfware?

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