What are "real world" skills?

In today's context:

1. Ability to speak and write clearly.
- Whether you are in a corporate job or run a business
- People are pressed on time
- If you can't express yourself clearly, you are wasting their time.

2. Investment skills.
- If you buy $1000 phones and $200 earphones (over and over again)
- It shows that your financial intelligence is 0
- You will always depend on others (eg. Mutual Fund Managers) to manage your
money. They will make more money from your money, than you will from your own.

3. Networking.
- Guess how many students get 95%+ marks in their High School? A LOT
- Guess how many of them would end up getting elite jobs in the future? NOT MANY
- Difference? networking


Originally posted by Akshat Shrivastava on LinkedIn
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