What an experience to learn from N. R. Narayana Murthy at the Great Manager
Awards ceremony yesterday! Some of his top insights from the interview.
a) Skills for leaders in the current context :
Leveraging the power of hope, instilling confidence.
b) On Diversity and Inclusion
Having a holistic approach considering psychological, sociological aspects
c) Managers Adding more value
Believe in excellence and bring the excellence to the workplace
d) Critical competencies of the managers of the future
Ability to benchmark with the best globally and make it better in the country.
If India has to surge, it has to make the best in terms of quality and price.
Cross cultural intelligence
e) Role of Credibility and Integrity
Importance of Walk the Talk and Role Modelling...nobody will respect and trust
you if you do not do that!
f) Thriving in the digital work
See it as an opportunity to enhance business outcomes - enhance our stakeholder
outcomes - society, customers, and employees
g) Advice for young managers
Have the courage and strive to do great things that would come in the first page
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