What a day!

Over 1000+ emails from you guys and counting!

If I haven't gotten around to you yet, I apologize. I am working to get everyone
back online by the end of the night

Overwhelmed by the support from you guys as well! I got sooo many kind messages
and reviews. Truly spectacular. You guys are awesome

Many of you have inquired as to the future of these courses off of Udemy. Well,
I am pleased to say that the Conversion Rate Optimization and Landing Page
Design course now has a beautiful new look housed on our very own portal!

The Conversion Rate Optimization and Landing Page Design course teaches specific
strategies and techniques that will help you quickly double your leads and sales
from your website.

"Amazing course on landing page design and optimization. It went beyond my
expectations because of the knowledgeable instructor. Probably one of most
comprehensive landing page design course and how to optimize it for marketing

We're offering a special price for the course launch! Only $39 for access to
over 10 hours of video!


Check it out!

Looking forward to seeing you all inside,


EDIT: This is for people who had not previously purchased the course on Udemy.
If you had previously bought the course on Udemy, your access will be reinstated
with no charge


Isaac Rudansky's Conversion Rate Optimization Training Offer

Before you take me up on this offer, I want you to be 100% certain that
the course you're getting today will help you grow your business.

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